Pippa Middleton, James Matthews Anger Commoners, Kate Middleton Sister’s Wedding A Curse On Neighbors

Pippa Middleton is the younger sister of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and that royal relation may have gone to her head a little. While she prefers to keep her private life away from the spotlight, the recent update on her Chelsea mansion — which she shared with husband James Matthews — revealed that she may want special treatment when it comes to concerns that commoners face.

The newlyweds’ £17 million apartment is owned by James Matthews, who has been living there for three years. It was completely fine for his bachelor lifestyle, but it looks like Pippa has some ideas on improving it. The word on the street is that they are “building a first-floor extension above the kitchen to build a new bathroom,” according to the Daily Mail. It will also “add separate male and female dressing rooms off the master bedroom.” Looks like Pippa needs her own wardrobe space to keep her clothes.

James’ Chelsea mansion was not shabby before. It already has “gym, an underground cinema, a lift, a ‘staff room’ as well as six bedrooms.” It was so big that Pippa moved in well before their wedding.

But this extension and renovation are causing an uproar amongst their Chelsea neighbors. They are concerned that the extension will “block out the sunlight” and cause noise and disruption in their day-to-day life. Due to these issues, they have rejected the plan, but it looks like Pippa and James are still moving forward with it.

“We have reviewed the proposed plan, and strongly object to the suggested rear extension,” one neighbor told the Daily Mail. “It will completely block the sunlight which currently comes into our kitchen for a limited time in the middle of the day, and generally block the daylight into our kitchen from the adjacent window.”


When she is not causing drama in her new neighborhood, Pippa Middleton likes to keep her profile on the down-low. Ever since her wedding, she has drastically reduced her public appearance. She no longer attends public functions and charity events, which she did frequently during her single life.

She also took part in many semi-professional races and competitions that took her to highest peaks in Europe, across the continental U.S. and along the Great Wall of China. Now, the most she does is to ride her cherished bike around her neighborhood.


With the construction drama, she may want to be more careful in how she presents herself to her neighbors.

Another drama that neither Pippa Middleton nor James Matthews addressed is whether she is expecting a baby. The sister of Kate Middleton is rumored to be pregnant with her first child, just months after her early summer wedding.

“Pippa always said she wanted to start a family as soon as she got married, and now her wish has come true,” the source said. “It’s early days yet – and they have decided they don’t want to know the sex of their baby until after it’s born – but Pippa is convinced she is having a little girl.”

Her latest sighting on her bike has not shown any signs of a baby bump.

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