Conor McGregor Jumps Over Wall Into The Octagon, Pushes Referee And Slaps MMA Official

No one gets in the way of Conor McGregor and a celebration. The MMA superstar attended the Bellator 187 event in Dublin this evening in support of his teammate and training partner, Charlie Ward. After Ward defeated John Redmon, McGregor effortlessly jumped into the Octagon and latched on to his friend.

According to TMZ, Ward dominated the first round with a KO, which prompted McGregor to excitedly leap into the ring. MMA Junkie noted McGregor was not a cornerman for the fight, therefore was not allowed in the Octagon at any point during the event.

Referee Marc Goddard approached the celebratory embrace and then turned his sights back on Redmond who was down on the mat. McGregor was noticeably perturbed as he followed Goddard across the Octagon and pushed him from behind.

Multiple officials immediately intervened holding back both parties. McGregor can be seen screaming and pointing in Goddard’s face as the two men are being pushed apart. The UFC star eventually left the ring and was escorted out by other officials and well known best friend, Artem Lobov. McGregor gave a flex to the crowd that erupted in applause on his way out.

However, McGregor wasn’t done there. The 29-year-old then began to run around cage-side appearing to amp up the crowd. He jumped up on the wall of the Octagon again and reached over to slap an official who approached him.


Immediately after, Ward approached McGregor on the fence and leaped over to hug his friend to the crowd’s applause.

This isn’t the first time McGregor and Goddard had issues. Last month the at UFC Fight Night 118 in Gdansk, Poland, Goddard served as a referee where McGregor was also in attendance. During Artem Lobov’s fight with Andre Fili, Goddard stopped the fight and instructed McGregor to sit in his seat. This obviously did not sit well with the Irishman who screamed plenty of profanities back.


According to MMA Junkie, ABC (Association of Boxing Commissions) President Mike Mazzulli was in attendance and said there would be an official announcement on the incident within 24 hours. Mazzulli reportedly texted a columnist for MMA Junkie saying “Mr. McGregor is not bigger than the sport of MMA!!!”

So far, no repercussions have been dealt out for McGregor, but a punishment is likely in the near future.

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]