MTA Urged To Review Safety Measures After Two Subway Push Deaths

The MTA in New York City has been called upon by lawmakers to act in the wake of two disturbing incidents in December involving a straphanger being shoved onto the tracks and killed by a fellow rider.

The MTA, responsible for the operation of New York City’s mass transit system, dealt with two high-profile Subway murders in the past few weeks — Ki-Suck Han, a Queens man, was shoved in front of a train at a Manhattan station this month and died of his injuries, and fellow Queens resident Senando Sen was pushed into the path of an oncoming 7 train in Sunnyside, killing him.

After the death of Sen on Thursday night, State Senator Jose Peralta told the MTA that the two men killed were both in his constituency, and that safety procedures on subway platforms should be assessed in the wake of the killings. Peralta said:

“In less than a month, two of my constituents have been pushed onto subway tracks and killed … I urge the MTA to immediately act on common-sense measures to improve rider safety and security.”

City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer concurred, saying:

“The recent tragedy at the 40th Street No. 7 train station highlights the need to seriously examine platform and subway station security protocols … New Yorkers rely on their subway system every day and must be safe going to and from work.”

Subway pushed identified as Erica Menendez

“These proposals, many enacted in other large cities, merit serious consideration by the MTA and I hope ultimately will be implemented.”

According to Gothamist, MTA Executive Director Thomas Prendergast said the MTA plans to “revisit” the sliding doors plan as a way to prevent subway push deaths in the future. On MTA transit, sliding doors are featured in JFK Airport stops for Air Train riders.