‘Little People, Big World’: Did Baby Jackson Roloff Get His First Teeth At Nearly 6-Months-Old?

'Little People, Big World': Did Baby Jackson Roloff Get His First Teeth At Nearly 6-Months-Old?

Little People, Big World’s soon-to-be second-youngest cast member, baby Jackson Roloff, will be turning half a year old in just a few days. And while his mother, Tori Roloff, has yet to post baby J’s November photo on the monthly milestone mat, she did share a cute new image of her infant son wearing a red onesie and showing what might be his first visual sign of baby teeth.

For her latest Instagram photo of baby J, Tori Roloff chose to let the picture do the talking, using the words “we’ll just be here,” a heart emoji, and the usual hashtag #ZandTPartyofThree to caption the new family picture featuring herself, husband Zach, and baby Jackson Roloff. Beyond the succinct caption, Little People, Big World fans can see baby J sandwiched between both parents, clad in a red onesie that inspired one commenter to quip that Jackson appears to be “ready for Christmas.”

What might have been most interesting is how some of Tori Roloff’s followers observed that baby J appears to have sprouted his first baby teeth. Although it would seem that Jackson, at a few days shy of 6-months-old, may be too young to get his first teeth, Baby Center notes that most babies get their first tooth when they are between 4- and 7-months-old. The process could start a little early for some babies, as parents may observe the first white cap when their infants are only 3-months-old, though it could also start rather late, with some late-blooming infants getting their first teeth once they’re at least a year old.

Teething, however, can be a very uncomfortable process for many babies, as it could result in irritability, sleep problems, and a tendency to refuse food, among other unpleasant signs.

Although it was only mentioned briefly in baby Jackson Roloff’s last monthly milestone photo in October, Tori Roloff noted that she and Zach were able to “feel [Jackson’s] first two teeth coming in” around the time he turned 5-months-old. As previously noted by the Inquisitr, Tori also observed baby J being able to lift himself up on his stomach and make noises with his feet, as well as having a tendency to grab everything.

It’s not sure what updates Tori will have when she posts baby Jackson Roloff’s sixth monthly milestone photo in a few days from now. But Little People, Big World fans shouldn’t be surprised if those updates include some news on the teething front, even if it may be hard to tell at first glance if baby J has indeed sprouted his first teeth or not.

[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]