New TLC Series ‘Unexpected’ To Rival ‘Teen Mom,’ Star Calls Her Show ‘More Real’

Lexus Scheller from 'Unexpected'

TLC is launching its version of MTV’s Teen Mom this Sunday night, which is rumored to be more authentic and less dependent on drama-filled storylines. Unexpected will follow the lives of three teenage girls during their surprise pregnancies.

Lexus Scheller sat down with Us Weekly to explain how her new show is different from the extremely popular Teen Mom franchise on MTV. Lexus became pregnant at 15-years-old and gave birth to a baby girl back in May.

Lexus explained, “Our shows a lot different… there’s not as much drama.” She went on to say her new show is “more real” than Teen Mom, and she and her co-stars have more realistic problems. She also admitted she felt her stories were better than those being displayed on Teen Mom.

Now 16, Lexus explained how her situation was so different from the moms on 16 and Pregnant, and it’s spin-offs. Lexus’ mother, Kelsey, was also a teen mom and has since become a grandmother at age 31.

Lexus explained her mother was not very supportive when the news of her pregnancy broke, but eventually Kelsey came around. The new mom admits it’s nice having a mother who has experienced the same thing she has.

The 16-year-old mom is still with her boyfriend, Shayden, with whom she shares baby Scarlett. Lexus still attends high school while Shayden has a full-time job. She added that Shayden spends the night at her house on the weekends so they can be a family together.

In a sneak peek of the series, a very raw moment captures a phone conversation between Lexus and her mother as she rushes to the hospital to give birth. The mother-to-be is in a panic as she has not prepared anything for Scarlett’s arrival.

Unexpected also stars McKayla Adkins, who became pregnant at 16-years-old. McKayla’s mother was also a teen mom who wasn’t around much during her childhood, leaving her grandparents to raise her. Viewers will get to see McKayla shopping for a prom dress that fits her pregnant frame while trying rebuilding a relationship with her mother.

The third teen mom on Unexpected, Lilly Bennett, also became pregnant at age 16. The father, James, had only met Lilly a few months before they got pregnant. The couple’s storyline will surround their struggle to get to know each other before their baby arrives.

So far, the cast of the Teen Mom franchise has yet to comment on Unexpected and Lexus’ comments.

Unexpected premieres this Sunday at 10 p.m. on TLC.

[Featured Image by Lexus Scheller/Facebook]