Ariel Winter Shows Off Super Toned Body In Sequined Little Black Dress

Ariel Winter is proving she can — and will — wear whatever she pleases. The 19-year-old Modern Family actress recently stepped out in a teeny-tiny black dress as she displayed her toned legs.

Winter was photographed Wednesday attending the launch of her LaPalme magazine cover as she opted for the headline-making dress.

The actress was sure to put her toned legs on display after sharing a video of herself working out earlier in the week. It seems Winter was determined to show off her hard work as she stepped out wearing the little black dress.

InStyle reported on Ariel’s look as the site states the sequined gown left little to the imagination.

“Oh, and we can’t overlook the garment’s length—the 19-year-old has legs for days in the ultra-short dress, which barely grazes the tops of her thighs.”

Indeed, Winter appears slimmed down and more toned than ever as she flaunts her gym figure. Her fans seemed to take notice as they left comments on her Instagram post from the evening.

Numerous followers referred to the photo as beautiful and gorgeous; however, a few other commenters stated Ariel is objecting herself with outfits such as this.

One Instagram user went as far as to say Winter resembles a “porn star” in the sequined mini-dress as they shared their opinion on the actress’ look.

Despite some of Ariel’s Instagram followers not appreciating her LBD, it seems most of the comments are from people supporting her choice of revealing wardrobe.

Winter’s risqué outfits have been fueling headlines for quite some time now as the star’s own mother has spoken out against her choice of attire.

The Daily Mail reported on Ariel’s mother’s comments earlier this year as the site quoted her saying she finds it sad her daughter feels the need to “expose herself” when it’s not necessary.

“Ariel is smart, beautiful and talented. She is a legitimate actress. She does not need to do this. She is beautiful with her clothes on.”

Her mother went on to say she thinks Ariel needs to grow up and dress properly, referring to her daughter’s apparent love of tiny denim shorts and revealing tops.

Of course, Winter hit back, criticizing her estranged mother for only addressing her through the press and calling her “toxic.”

While Ariel’s outfits may cause a stir once in a while, it appears the teenager doesn’t plan on changing her style anytime soon as she continues to make headlines with her looks.

[Featured Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]