‘Little People, Big World’: Fans Say Amy Roloff Looks ‘Happy’ With Chris Marek, Calls Boyfriend ‘Good Company’

Little People, Big World fans recently told Amy Roloff that she looks “so happy” with Chris Marek, while also commenting that her long-time boyfriend appears to be “good company” for the 53-year-old divorcee and grandmother of two. Amy Roloff has been sharing a lot of photos of Chris Marek, a Portland, Oregon, real estate agent, on her social media accounts recently. With the recent 2017 pumpkin season on Roloff Farms open to the public, as well as Amy Roloff’s recent announcement on Facebook that she’s trying to “lose a few,” the reality TV personality, busy mom, and grandma has had plenty of reasons to spend time with Chris Marek, and fans of the Roloff family’s long-running TLC reality TV series say that it “shows” in her face that she’s still happy with Chris after dating for several months.

Amy Roloff actually started dating Chris Marek before ex-husband, Matt Roloff, started dating “longtime family associate” Caryn Chandler, as previously noted by the Daily Mail. Several speculations have surfaced since Amy Roloff and Chris Marek started their relationship earlier this year that the couple may not still be dating. In fact, In Touch Weekly posed the question just two days ago about whether or not Amy Roloff is “still dating her beau, Chris Marek.” The celebrity gossip magazine answered that question by saying that Amy Roloff “is loving her new relationship” with Chris Marek and still frequently shares “their big moments” together on social media. After a short lull in even mentioning Chris Marek on social media, Amy Roloff once again started sharing photos of the 54-year-old Oregon real estate broker, mainly on her business Facebook account.

Chris Marek made his Little People, Big World debut in a Season 11 episode at the end of 2016 when Amy Roloff casually mentioned that she’d been dating a “male friend” who owned a motorcycle, according to an article in the Independent Journal Review. At the time, Matt and Amy Roloff’s four children were apparently worried that their parents would get “lonely” post-divorce after having been married for nearly 30 years, but Amy Roloff never appears to be lonely, as she’s surrounded by friends, kids and grandkids, and boyfriend Chris Marek in photos that she shares both on Instagram and Facebook. In a Facebook post from just three days ago, Amy Roloff shared a photo of Chris Marek after he “came over to walk around the farm with me and Felix.”

Amy Roloff called both Felix and Chris Marek her “motivators” as she’s “trying to get back on track” with her weight and nutrition, and her Facebook followers commented that it’s “nice to have a partner” to walk with. One follower wrote that Amy Roloff is a “good and sweet person” who “I have enjoyed watching” on Little People, Big World, while other comments note that Amy is “always smiling” now. Amy Roloff personally thanked one of her Facebook followers for saying that it “shows” in her face that she’s “so happy” and that Chris Marek and “those beautiful grandbabies might have a part in that.” Although Amy’s followers agree overall that she looks “great” and doesn’t need to worry about the pounds coming off, several other followers say that it “always helps” to have a walking companion and that boyfriend, Chris Marek, seems to be “nice company.”

The Inquisitr previously shared in May that Amy Roloff couldn’t believe that she had been dating Chris Marek for six months “already,” admitting on camera that she had some insecurities about dating after her lengthy marriage to Matt Roloff, 56, that ended in a “painful” separation in 2014. According to another recent Inquisitr article, Amy Roloff still enjoys nights out with “good friends” other than Chris Marek, as she also continues to enjoy #amyssecondact as a proud grandma to baby Jackson and baby Ember.

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Facebook]