Adolf Hitler Died In A Cushy Argentina Hotel In 1965, According To New Documentary

You remember how Adolf Hitler committed suicide alongside Eva Braun at the Führerbunker right at the tail end of WWII in Europe? Yeah, that didn’t happen. A new documentary suggests that Germany’s most infamous political figure actually died in a luxurious hotel in Argentina in 1965.

It’s not an entirely new theory (in fact, it pops up every couple of years, as evidenced by The Sun), but director/producer Noam Shalev and researcher Pablo Weschler argue in their upcoming documentary Hitler in Argentina that there’s considerable evidence that suggests Adolf Hitler managed to escape Nazi Germany at the end of WWII and live the remainder of his life quietly in South America.

“We will never know the truth,” says Shalev. “But there is enough evidence to build an alternative theory about what happened to Hitler.”

“No one believed the Russians’ story of Hitler’s suicide in the bunker,” Weschler adds. “As early as the summer of 1945, there were headlines asking, ‘Where is Hitler?’ all over the world.”

Recently declassified FBI documents formed the basis of the new documentary, reports Mediaite. Both Shalev and Weschler didn’t buy British intelligence officer and historian Hugh Trevor-Roper’s investigation into Hitler’s death, believing it to be “unprofessional.”

“In those days, the FBI, not the CIA, was responsible for South America,” says Weschler. “And in declassified documents, we see that the FBI took very seriously the possibility that Hitler fled to Argentina.”

The FBI even opened an investigation into the theory, lending it some credence. Pulling from the investigation, both Shalev and Weschler believe that one can reasonably conclude that Hitler died in Argentina in 1965.

“The Eden Hotel in La Falda, Cordoba [in Argentina] was owned by Ida and Walter Eichhorn, who were close friends of Hitler,” Weschler explains. “Hitler sent them a Mercedes Benz as a gift. It was the first Benz in Argentina.”

The silver bullet in the documentary revolves around DNA testing of Hitler’s skull fragments performed in 2009.

“They showed that they couldn’t have been Hitler’s skull because they were from a woman under 40,” Weschler says. “The more you look into it, the less credible the official version becomes, and the more plausible an alternative theory seems.”

What do you think? Could Adolf Hitler have died in Argentina in 1965?