NBA Power Rankings

1. Boston Celtics- Signed Rajon Rondo to a 55 million dollar contract extension

2. Orlando Magic- averaging 113 point per game, but so far schedule has been soft

3. Denver Nuggets- Can anyone stop Carmelo Anthony?

4. Los Angeles Lakers- So far, they look a little sluggish

5. San Antonio Spurs- Very deep and Gregg Popovich knows how to use it

6. Phoenix Suns- averaging 20 points and 9 rebounds, Grant Hill is playing like he is 35 again

7. Cleveland Cavaliers- Delonte West is back

8. Miami Heat- Hot start with 8 of first 10 games at home

9. Atlanta Hawks- Jamal Crawford is effective off the bench

10. Washington Wizards- Good start, and they should get better

11. Dallas Mavericks- Jason Kidd isn’t scoring but distributing

12. Portland Trailblazers- Easy home schedule, but now they hit the road

13. Houston Rockets- They have a lot of injuries, but may be fun to watch

14. Utah Jazz- They must learn how to win on the road

15. Oklahoma City Thunder- This might be there breakthrough year

16. Philadelphia 76ers- Elton Brand is slowly starting to look like Elton Brand

17. New Orleans Hornets- If Stojakovic is healthy they will be better

18. Milwaukee Bucks- Rookie Brandon Jennings is exciting Bucks fans

19. Chicago Bulls- Derrick Rose must make his jump shots

20. Charlotte Bobcats- They need to improve their perimeter shooting

21. Toronto Raptors- So far the bench has been a disappointment

22. Detroit Pistons- Injury to Rip Hamilton has hurt this young team

23. Minnesota Timberwolves- Al Jefferson is playing more defense, but they still need him to score

24. Memphis Grizzlies- Allen Iverson is already upset with his role

25. New York Knicks- They have Danilo Gallinari and not much else

26. Los Angeles Clippers- Struggles out of the gate, but soft schedule could help them rebound

27. Indiana Pacers- allowed just 48.7 shooting in their first two games

28. Golden State Warriors- They must play some defense

29. Sacramento Kings- This was suppose to be an opportunity for Sergio Rodriguez, but he has barely played

30. New Jersey Nets- Devin Harris has a groin injury