Jinger Duggar Shares Photo Of Jeremy Vuolo In Tight Pants That Has Her Instagram Followers Fanning Themselves

Jinger Duggar Posts A Picture Of Her Husband Wearing Tight Pants And Fans Freak Out

Jinger Duggar isn’t the only Counting On star who wears tight pants. The 23-year-old preacher’s wife recently shared a photo of her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, rocking a pair of form-fitting men’s dress pants, and some of her Instagram followers have reacted to the image with comments that might make Michelle Duggar rethink her view on which sex is doing the most “defrauding.”

On Thursday, Jinger Duggar took to Instagram to post a photo of Jeremy Vuolo showing off some of his stylish fall clothing. In the snapshot, he’s wearing a dark blue jacket over a gray collared sweater and white button-up shirt. Jinger noted that the weather in her new hometown of Laredo, Texas, has been rather “brisk” lately, which is why her husband has started wearing so many layers.

Some of Jinger’s Instagram followers responded to the photo by telling the conservative Christian that her husband looks like a model, and many of them couldn’t stop gushing about how attractive they think he is.

“Your husband is such a stud,” wrote one fan.

“It might be chilly there, but your hubby is hot. There. I said it, what everybody else is thinking!” another remarked.

The photo also sparked a discussion about Jeremy Vuolo’s choice of pants. Duggar fans are used to seeing male members of the family in relaxed-fitting jeans, not tight dress pants with tapered legs like the pair Jeremy is wearing in Jinger’s snapshot. You can check out his outfit below.

Brisk weather in Laredo today. ☺️

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“Why are guys allowed to wear tight pants and pants in general with their butt not covered up?” asked one fan. “Ginger [sic] always has wear something long. Should go both ways.”

“Good question!!! Girls can lust over a guy in tight clothes too!” another responded.

As reported by Yahoo! Lifestyle, Michelle Duggar has taught Jinger and her other daughters that they should not wear form-fitting clothing because doing so might stir up feelings of sexual desire in men. According to Romper, “defrauding” is the term that the Duggars use to describe clothing that doesn’t meet their strict modesty standards. However, whenever the Duggars talk about their belief that clothing can cause others to have sinful thoughts, they usually only focus on women’s fashion. This is why some fans think there’s a sexist double standard when it comes to the family’s dress code.

Since getting married, Jinger has defied her family’s fashion rules by wearing skinny jeans and other styles of pants without dresses or skirts over them. She still usually chooses to pair tight jeans with shirts that extend a few inches below her waistline, but it’s unclear whether this is a personal style choice or an attempt to keep her outfits more modest.

always tough to say goodbye to great friends Laredo ✈️ NYC

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Jinger Duggar did not answer the fan’s question about Jeremy Vuolo’s tight pants, but she was definitely reading all the comments about her husband. When another fan asked her where Jeremy got his shoes, she responded by writing that they were purchased from a Cole Haan outlet for their wedding.

"Ready! Aim! Fire!"

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What do you think of Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s fondness for form-fitting pants?

[Featured Image by Jinger Vuolo/Instagram]