Russian Plane Crash Captured On Vehicles Dashboard Cam

A dashboard camera mounted inside a vehicle has captured the Russian Plane crash that occurred in Moscow on Saturday. The crashed killed five people and quickly began to trend online as internet searchers attempted to determine what went wrong.

The 30-second video shows two cars being hit by debris as the airliner crash landed on the Moscow runway.

One vehicle appears to have been hit by a part of the plane’s front landing gear while the other car appears to careen over several lanes of traffic before hitting a row of seats on the road.

The plane crash occurred just seconds after take off and with only the crew on board One passenger aboard the plane is still listed in critical condition.

Keep in mind that this video has not yet been authenticated; however, it does appear to show the events that could surround such a horrific accident.

According to Vladimir Markin, a spokesman for Russia’s main investigative agency, data recorders are currently being examined along with fuel samples from the plane. Authorities also claim to have taken various documents from the plane to help determine a possible cause of the horrifying crash.

More information is sure to following in the coming days and months; in the meantime, here is the dashboard camera that purports to show footage from the Russian Plane crash:

More details will be posted when official Russian authorities have had time to examine all of the information at their disposal.

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