Judge Roy Moore‏ Slammed On Twitter After Claiming ‘Forces Of Evil’ Trying To Shut Up Christian Conservatives

Judge Roy Moore‏ Slammed On Twitter After Claiming 'Forces Of Evil' Trying To Shut Up Christian Conservatives

Judge Roy Moore‏ is using his Twitter page found at the @MooreSenate handle to hit back against a bombshell article that was published on Thursday, November 9. As reported by the Washington Post, in the article titled “Woman says Roy Moore initiated sexual encounter when she was 14, he was 32,” Moore is being accused of sexual misconduct.

Leigh Corfman was only 14 years of age when she allegedly was approached by the then 32-year-old Moore, an assistant district attorney at the time. Corfman and her mother were sitting on a bench in Etowah County, Alabama, outside of a courtroom. Moore told Leigh’s mother that he could keep an eye on her young girl while Nancy Wells went into the courtroom to deal with her child custody hearing. Moore received Leigh’s phone number after her mother was out of earshot.

Within a matter of days, Moore allegedly picked up Corfman and drove the teenager to his house hidden in the woods and kissed Leigh. During a subsequent visit, Moore allegedly took off his clothes, as well as the young teen’s shirt and pants. Moore is then accused of touching Leigh atop her underwear and guiding her hand to touch his genitalia above his underwear. Corfman reported that she wanted the encounter to end and that she asked Moore to take her home.

Roy Moore blames sexual misconduct allegations on evil.

The article goes on to allege that the one-time 16-year-old Wendy Miller, 17-year-old Debbie Wesson Gibson, and 18-year-old Gloria Thacker Deason were also victims of Moore, who reportedly pursued the teens when he was in his 30s.

As a result of the controversy, the name Roy Moore is currently trending on Twitter. The Republican Senate nominee is blaming others for the accusations of him preying on teenagers. As seen on Moore’s Twitter page, he is blaming the “liberal media lapdogs,” the Obamas, the Clintons and the “forces of evil” for his woes. However, Moore is also receiving plenty of backlash for his tweets calling himself a victim of people who are engaged in a spiritual battle against “Christian conservatives like you and me.”

Plenty of Moore’s Twitter followers are writing comments that are reminding the judge that being Christian should not be a scapegoat for alleged sexual misconduct allegations.

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