Big Streaming Service, Hulu Joins Nintendo Switch And Is Available In US eShop Now

Since Nintendo Switch's release last March, Nintendo has been putting all the pieces together to make the Switch the best gaming console ever. Various game titles graced every Nintendo fan's Switch screen, bringing the best and chart-topping titles to be enjoyed. Apparently, the gaming company is not yet done, and they are spicing things up for every Nintendo Switch user out there.

Today, Nintendo finally named the streaming application for the hybrid console. Hulu is now available for download today on Nintendo US eShop. The Switch will not hold back, as it offers the full Hulu application, meaning it will include company's live TV packages and on-demand subscriptions. Literally no specific locking or restrictions.

To recall, Nintendo released a streaming app last July called as Niconico, but it was solely available in Japan. Apparently, Hulu is not the first streaming application, but it is the first to be made available in the US.

Numerous fans in the Nintendo Ecosystem rejoiced the news, because, finally there are some new additions aside from games. Although there are some who doubted the selection of Hulu being the first streaming app, numerous fans sent their excitement over the news. As per writing this article, fans are tagging the social media accounts of different streaming providers to partner with Nintendo Switch. Spotify even replied to one of the comments saying they'll forward the idea to their developers.

During the days when Nintendo Switch was full of rumors and speculation, the obvious choice was Youtube or Netflix for its streaming application. Hulu has never been the first choice. Well, Youtube, Netflix, or even Amazon TV might be right around the corner, and before we know it, it's there.

It has been a huge week for Nintendo. Apparently, tons of game releases are expected to arrive in the coming weeks. One of which is Doom, who's raking up great feedbacks from multiple publications as of the moment. Polygon highlighted the upcoming games for Nintendo Switch, and here is the list.

  • Doom(November 10)
  • L.A. Noire
  • Rocket League
  • Rime
  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and much more.
Nintendo is diversifying its game lineups adding more mature-rated Switch games. With the addition of Hulu to its services, Nintendo Switch is getting nearer to revolutionize gaming. Nonetheless, Hulu is now available for download on Nintendo eShop alongside with Hulu Plus for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

[Featured Image by 360b/Shutterstock]