Jinger Duggar Breaks Family Record By Not Getting Pregnant, Sporting Tight, Ripped Pants

Jinger Duggar is applauded by her fans for breaking the family record. All her married sisters got pregnant before they celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Jinger and Jeremy celebrated theirs this past week, and they have not given any signs of Jinger being pregnant or carrying a baby. Instead, she was featured on her husband’s Instagram wearing tight, ripped jeans.

The reason why the 23-year-old Duggar is making so much news is that she may be breaking family rules to accommodate her lifestyle choices. She definitely broke one of her family dress codes by choosing to make pants a regular part of her wardrobe. In the beginning, she wore baggy slacks, but soon, she moved onto shorts that revealed her knees and dark leggings that hugged her every curve.

Right after their wedding anniversary, her husband showed her wearing skin-tight, ripped jeans that hipsters, not Duggar girls, would wear.

“Love seeing her wearing jeans and being free,” one fan commented.

“Yes! Finally, a Duggar child that does her own thing and let go of those ridiculous dress codes,” another wrote. “Go Jinger!”

Another way that she has broken the family rule is by possibly using birth control so that she does not get pregnant in the first years of her marriage. While this has not been addressed by the newlyweds, the fans are now speculating that Jinger and Jeremy must be doing something to avoid having a baby right away.

“Stay on that birth control, girl,” one fan wrote. “It’s better to be married and childless….unlike Joy-Anna, getting pregnant before marriage.”

“So glad you didn’t rush into having babies,” another one chimed in. “It gives you time to build a foundation with each other.”

The Duggar family is famous for discouraging women from using birth control. Jinger’s mother, Michelle Duggar, lost her baby during her second pregnancy and still believes that the “oral birth control” she was taking at that time caused it. That is why she decided to leave the number of children they have “up to God,” according to People Magazine.

Unlike her sister, Joy-Anna Duggar, who wrote on her Instagram that she and her husband prayed to God to give them children before they were married, Jinger has a much more relaxed attitude about getting pregnant.

“I think we’d love to start a family somewhere in that time period, in the next five years, and see what the Lord does,” Jinger said, according to Romper.

Do you think Jinger will continue breaking the rules she grew up with? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Jinger Vuolo/Instagram]