Just Weeks After Prison Release, O.J. Simpson Allegedly Thrown Out Of Las Vegas’ Cosmopolitan For Belligerence

It didn’t take long for bad boy O.J. Simpson to be in trouble again for questionable actions following his release from the Lovelock Correctional Facility in Nevada.

As the Inquisitr reported last month, O.J. Simpson was released from prison on parole after serving nine years behind bars for a botched hotel room robbery. He was originally looking at a 33-year sentence before he was granted parole last July. Of course, the former NFL player was also famously accused of killing his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman but a jury found him “not guilty” of the crimes in 1995.

While the troubled star has only been out of jail for a few weeks, he is already making headlines again for all the wrong reasons. According to TMZ, Simpson was thrown out of Las Vegas’ Cosmopolitan Hotel around midnight last night after he became extremely unruly.

While at Clique Bar inside of the hotel, staffers allege that the 70-year-old was drunk and aggressive towards them, even causing glasses on the bar to break. Though Simpson was not arrested for his actions, the security team at the Cosmopolitan escorted the disgraced star from the premises. TMZ reports that O.J. was nice to the guards that escorted him out of the hotel but also reports that Simpson will be permanently banned from stepping foot inside the Cosmopolitan again.

After hearing the news, many people on Twitter posted comments about the star’s most recent drama, with some even calling for all places in Las Vegas to ban O.J. from their establishments.

“Block him from all spots in Vegas, he’s not wanted here.”

“Will he ever learn his lesson?” another Twitter user chimed in.

It remains to be determined whether or not this most recent scandal will affect Simpson’s parole or count as a violation. As Sports Illustrated reported, there is still a ton of terms and conditions that O.J. must comply with while he’s out of jail. In addition to submitting monthly reports on his developments in life, Simpson must receive permission before moving to another state. He is also subject to blood and breath tests to determine if there was any excessive use of alcohol. O.J. has yet to comment on his most recent actions.

Do you think that an incident like this could land him back in prison?

[Featured Image by Jason Bean-Pool/Getty Images]