Could The Next Sex Scandal Come From Nickelodeon? One Site Seems To Think So

On the heels of the sexual indiscretion accusations made against Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, a writer for one website seems to allude that the next big sex scandal could come out of the doors of children’s network Nickelodeon.

A writer for RedState is reporting that former actor and current producer Dan Schneider has been the subject of several instances of sexual misconduct involving many of the young actresses who have appeared on his shows. Schneider has been attached to Nickelodeon for decades and is the creator of many of their past and present hit series, including Victorious, Sam and Cat, and Zoey 101.

Journalist Kira Davis compiled a bevy of anonymous Reddit posts said to have been made by young actresses who worked on Schneider’s shows, who all say that Schneider harassed or approached them to crudely interact with him.

“Schneider has been the subject of some very disturbing and consistent rumors for years,” Davis writes.

“One need only search his name on the internet to find pretty damning rumors about him going back years. There are stories of his foot fetishes and how he acts them out on young extras alone in his office. There are stories about his relationships with his underage teenage stars and how they led to spin-off shows for the girls or blacklisting for those who didn’t participate.”

While none of the stories have been confirmed by any of his alleged victims, a simple Google search does bring up mentions of supposed misdeeds involving former child star Amanda Bynes, and “Dan Schneider scandal.”

nickelodeon sex scandal

Rumors of the Nickelodeon sex scandals were also mentioned in chat rooms and on internet forums, and made mention of Schneider’s supposed foot fetish and how it was worked into several of his series, including iCarly and Victorious. A collection of screenshots taken from those shows can be seen below.

Also, many of Schneider’s shows have also involved adult-themed jokes that go way beyond the age range of viewers who normally tune into Nickelodeon. A collection of those can be found below.

“Sure, these are all rumors and conjecture right now,” Davis writes for RedState, “but so were the Weinstein rumors and we are now seeing the shocking scope of his behavior and the resulting cover-up. It is important to look at this issue as one aspect of a much larger problem.”

None of the alleged Nickelodeon sex scandal stories have ever been confirmed or mentioned directly by any actor, or have been admitted to by Schneider.

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