‘Law & Order: SVU’ Versus The Cookie Monster: Who Has The Most Epic 280-Character Tweet?

The new 280-character tweet was released to every Twitter user on Tuesday, and the platform has been flooded with hilarious extended tweets. For now, Twitter users are battling over which account has the most epic extended tweet between unlikely opponents: the Cookie Monster and Law and Order: SVU.

The blue chocolate-chip loving Muppet posted a tweet yesterday consisting of 61 cookie emojis and lots of spaces. The emojis spelled out “COOKIE,” written vertically. The Cookie Monster didn’t quite use all 280 characters; he was five short for a total of 275.

In under a day, the tweet was liked over 250,000 times. For an account with only 178,000 followers, that kind of love is impressive for Twitter. The post was also retweeted an astonishing 112,000 times.

Throughout the 1,700 comments, fans of the account were praising the genius tweet that everyone is talking about.

Twitter user @cmejia811 commented, “Am I the only one that sounded this in my head with his voice?”

His comment alone garnered almost 2,000 likes.

The rest of the comments were filled with Cookie Monster GIFs and other users’ attempts to make an image out of emojis. None were as successful as the big blue Muppet.


Cookie Monster isn’t the only Twitter genius taking advantage of the new 280-character count. Law and Order: SVU used their extended tweet to quote the entire opening statement of their popular show, which most fans know word for word. They even included Law and Order’s signature sound effect, “DUN DUN.” SVU was also just short of the 280-character limit, using just 272.


SVU seems to have the Cookie Monster beat for now with over 247,000 likes and 138,000 retweets. The popular NBC show does have a leg up, as it posted the epic tweet one day before the Cookie Monster. The two tweets are close to each other in the comment rankings, as SVU only has a hundred more than the popular Muppet.

In the comment section of SVU’s post, fans of the show responded with several Olivia Benson eye-rolling GIFs, as well as Elliot Stabler clapping his hands.


Several other Twitter accounts are trying to reach the same popularity but haven’t been as successful. Bud Light spelled out “Dilly Dilly” from one of their popular commercials in beer mug emojis and only has a few thousand retweets.

According to Tech Crunch, a majority of Americans are on board with the extended character count, while others feel Twitter should have stayed with the original 140. Unfortunately, the kind of greatness seen in SVU and the Cookie Monster’s posts would not be achievable had the popular platform not changed its rules.

Which 280-character tweet do you think reigns supreme?

[Featured Image by Christoper Saunders/NBC and John Minchillo/AP Images]