Colorado Teen Suspected Of Killing 28-Year-Old Woman Says She Was His Transgender Father

A Colorado teen accused of killing a 28-year-old woman has dumbfounded law enforcement officials by claiming that he killed the woman because she was actually his father who had undergone a sex-change operation, according to Montrose County Police.

Joseph Saur, 19, walked into the Olathe Police Department late on Sunday night in a “visibly emotional and distraught” condition, according to the initial court documents. Saur told Police Chief George Jackson that he had killed “his biological father” who had undergone “a sex change” operation in self-defense. When asked where he had carried out the killing, Saur could not recollect the whereabouts, but said his father had undergone the sex change operation to avoid “being caught.”

The police then contacted the teen’s biological father, who turned out to be hale and hearty. When officers told him about what Joseph had said about having killed his father, he informed them that his son had started using methamphetamine again, reports TV station KUSA.

The police pressed Saur for more details, at which point he told them the identity of his “father,” who he said was now called Patience Rian Stewart. Montrose County officials began looking for the woman immediately and realized she stayed only four blocks away from the police department.

Alleged Methamphetamine kills woman, says she was his father.
Methamphetamine, or, more commonly, crystal meth. [Image by kaarsten/]

When the police reached her house, they found a white truck camper on the ground in the yard. Officers were amazed to find the dead body of 28-year-old Patience Stewart on a bloody mattress while she was still holding a methamphetamine pipe in one hand and a lighter in the other,

On being interrogated about the exact manner of her death, Saur said that “he grabbed a gun and shot Patience in self-defense,” according to court documents. He told officers that Patience had started giving him “hints” about being his father for a while now, but when officers asked the Colorado teen about what those hints were, he could not enlighten them any further.

“Joseph said Patience was getting mad at him and was figuring out that Joseph ‘knew’ about this new identity,” the documents stated, reports Montrose Press.

Claiming that he had not taken drugs, Joseph Saur said he killed the woman because he realized she was out to kill him, which is when a scuffle broke out. But the evidence suggested that there had been no scuffle.

The Colorado teen has not been formally charged yet.

[Featured Image by Montrose County Police]