If Your iPhone Is Autocorrecting ‘i’ In A Weird Way, Here Is How To Fix The Bug

Autocorrect has a funny way of lending itself to some strange and interesting text messages, but the latest crop of mistakes are not necessarily the fault of the owners. There has been a very weird bug that is affecting a lot of iPhone users who have updated to iOs 11.1, and they can’t quite figure out what’s going on. For some reason, the letter “i” is being autocorrected to the letter “A” with a question mark unicode symbol, but there is indeed a fix.

Everyone knows that autocorrect is one of those features that can be a great help or one huge annoyance. It doesn’t always change or keep the word that someone wants to use, but other times, it can help people from looking foolish with misspellings or typos.

As reported by CNN Tech, the issue is really only affecting those who have downloaded or installed the iOs 11.1 update. After launching last week, many updated their phones and were expecting possible hiccups and changes, but not this one.

Many are taking much more time to fix their text messages or even having to turn autocorrect off entirely. It’s causing quite the bit of frustration for Apple users.

While Apple has yet to say much of anything regarding the autocorrect bug that came along with the new iPhone update, there is some temporary help available. Apple has taken to its support page to give iPhone users the fix they need until a software patch can officially take care of things.

If you’re dealing with the dreadful and annoying “i” to “A?” glitch, here is how to fix it, and it’s really quite simple.

1. Go to Settings and then General and then Keyboard and then Text Replacement

2. Press the +

3. For Phrase – Type an upper-case “I.”

4. For Shortcut – Type a lower-case “i.”

This is essentially the go-around way for users to tell their iPhone to stop being difficult and just put an “i” where they want it to be. It’s a temporary fix, but it is one that will work until and even after Apple develops a software patch. iPhone users have had to deal with this autocorrect bug for about a week now, and while it may be quite frustrating, at least they have a way around it now.

[Featured Image by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images]