‘Little People. Big World’: Audrey Roloff Shares Unfortunate ‘Life Update’ That Left Her Angry And Frustrated

Audrey Roloff, one of the mainstays of TLC’s Little People, Big World, previously shared her excitement about their new house, but this time, the 26-year-old mother can’t hide her anger and frustration over an unfortunate incident in their beloved home. The latest “life update” from Audrey talks about their kitchen, which her husband, Jeremy, had worked hard on since they bought the house six months ago.

“Bye bye kitchen,” Audrey said on her Instagram account.

Audrey and Jeremy recently discovered that their dishwasher had been leaking, and water has gathered under their new kitchen. They were forced to start all over again and remove the whole kitchen counter.

Jeremy also talked about this unfortunate episode a few days ago. The family had no choice but to have the kitchen counter demolished. Jeremy was a picture of frustration in his Instagram Story as he explained that he worked hard on the kitchen. Jeremy was especially sad about the backsplash, which he and his younger brother, Jacob, worked on. Some of the subway tiles were damaged as they were removing the kitchen counter. This led the DIY-loving Jeremy to call professionals to continue the repairs.

The kitchen disaster came at a bad time, says Audrey. The family moved into their new home three weeks before Ember Jean was due, and at the time, Jeremy had yet to finish the kitchen remodeling. According to Audrey, there was still no oven, and she also said that she was really looking forward to preparing their first home-cooked meal.The family spent the last month or so at Roloff Farms to help out during the pumpkin season, and Audrey was hoping to settle into her new kitchen after that. Unfortunately, their kitchen, particularly their dishwasher, had a different idea.


Audrey and Jeremy spent $465,000 so they could finally have a house they could call their own. Before they moved into their Rock Creek home, the Roloff couple decided that the kitchen could use some minor remodeling to update its 1960s look. Jeremy took down a wall to make the kitchen accessible through the living room.

It took Jeremy three months to finish all the repairs and remodeling in their new house. That’s a far cry from the four weeks they thought it would take before the family could move in. While Audrey and Jeremy moved into the new house three weeks prior to the due date, baby Ember finally came home eleven days after the date.

Two months have passed since then, and Audrey fondly recalls the different emotions and activities that they had to go through. According to Audrey, there were a lot of “tears, doctor’s appointments, prayers, laughter, learning, sleepless nights, cuddles, hundreds of baby pics, take-out, and Netflix.”


All those experiences did not prepare Audrey and Jeremy for this major setback, however. The two now have to deal with another kitchen renovation with little Ember in tow.

Audrey is still in high spirits despite admitting that she was “pretty heartached, angry, frustrated, and bitter” about the kitchen fiasco. Audrey is leaning on her faith to go through this predicament.

“But today the Lord reminded me of this simple yet significant truth,” Audrey said. “There is ALWAYS MORE to my story than what I can see, know, and understand.”

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Instagram]