Have Faith In Women: Jodie Whittaker Looks Stunning As New ‘Doctor Who’ In The First Look Of Season 11

Jodie Whittaker looks stunning as the 13th Doctor Who, as the first picture of the actor in costume has been released. The 35-year-old British actor has asked her fans not to be scared because a woman is playing the doctor this time.

Whittaker told her fans that Doctor Who Season 11 would represent change and everything that is exciting about it. She asked her fans to have confidence in a woman playing the iconic character. According to her, fans are no stranger to changes in the BBC science-fiction TV show, and the latest change should also be welcomed.

In the first official look of the 13th Doctor Who, Whittaker is presented in cropped trousers, suspenders, and a striped T-shirt. The previous Doctor Who, played by Peter Capaldi, used to sport a more moderate outfit. There is a significant difference between the ages of both the actors as well. Capaldi is going to be 60 in a few months.

Most actors who played Doctor Who appreciate the fact that Jodie Whittaker had been chosen to play the part. Christopher Eccleston and Colin Baker have welcomed her as the new Doctor Who. Matt Smith has called her a “brilliant actress” and predicted that her success as the new Doctor Who would help the show reach new heights.

“I think she’s going to be a rocket.”

Peter Davison’s comment, however, was controversial. The actor, who was the fifth actor to play the protagonist in the BBC drama, said that selecting Whittaker would be “the loss of a role model for boys,” the Telegraph reported.

For a feminist like Jodie Whittaker, it is an overwhelming experience to play the iconic character that has so far only been played by male actors. She considers it to be another opportunity to push the boundaries and not to get restricted by “what you’re told you can and can’t be.”

“It feels incredible.”

Within a couple of hours of the first look of Jodie Whittaker playing the new Doctor Who, the image on Twitter has been liked by more than 21,000 people.

Many users love the outfit she’s wearing in the image. According to one of them, this is the first good outfit for Doctor Who in 11 years.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]