Leah Messer’s Daughter Adalynn: Is Jeremy Trying To Cause Problems For ‘Teen Mom’ Star?

Leah Messer is currently focusing on her three daughters, as they are going to school every day and spending time with both her and their respective fathers. Meanwhile, Leah is trying to get schoolwork done for herself. On the previous season of Teen Mom 2, Messer revealed that she wanted to go back to school so she could set an example for her daughters. Leah never went to post-secondary school after giving birth to her twins, and she never expressed any interest in school until Adalynn was old enough to spend time away from the home.

Even though Leah may have everything under control in her home, it sounds like people don’t like how her ex-husbands are speaking about her. Previously, Corey Simms was slammed by viewers to the point where he deleted his social media accounts. Now, Jeremy Calvert is being criticized for hinting that Adalynn doesn’t want to leave him when she’s spending time with him. One fan commented on the issue after Leah posted a video of herself and the girls. According to a new Instagram comment, fans believe that Jeremy may be trying to make Leah Messer look bad. These days, Jeremy and Leah have a great relationship, as they are able to co-parent.

“She’s such a cutie. I don’t like how on the ‘Tying the Knot’ episode of Teen Mom Jeremy was trying to make it seem like Addie never wants to go home. I didn’t see the entire episode but if that wasn’t the case he sure did insinuate,” the fan wrote to Leah, revealing that it was unpleasant to watch.

Of course, Adalynn – or Addie – is often talking about how she wants to see her father. Messer struggles with the fact that Jeremy is working far away and sometimes even in another state. He’s gone for long periods of time, and she always freaks out when she sees her father. It’s possible that she’s not complaining about going home to her mother because she doesn’t like it there. Instead, it’s possible that she just wants to spend more time with her father because he’s not around so much. Perhaps he’s just feeling guilty about his absence in his daughter’s life.

What do you think about Leah Messer’s fans commenting on Jeremy’s behavior on Teen Mom 2? Do you think Addie just misses her father, or do you think she actually prefers to spend time with her dad and doesn’t look forward to going home to her mother?

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