Japanese Security Company To Offer Private Security Drones

Flying drones with built-in surveillance technology are becoming more widely used within the military for security purposes. However, a Japanese security company is aiming to take advantage of this type of technology with their new private security drones.

According to Gizmodo, Secom’s upcoming security drone is a customized Ascending Technologies quadrotor that will spot and follow any trespassers like nosy, security cameras.

Secom’s security drones will be able to track suspicious people with lasers, and they will be smart enough to stay far enough away from the suspect.

These private security drones won’t make their actual debut until after April of 2014.

Engadget reports that when the drones are ready, they will be able to be rented by private companies for ¥5,000 ($58) per month.

The price is not very much to pay in order to have a flying surveillance system of your own.

It sounds like there will be a lot more drones appearing in the skies above the United States within the next couple of years.

According to the New York Times, Congress has ordered the Federal Aviation Administration to select six domestic sites to test the safety of drones. These drones can can vary in size from remote-controlled planes to as big as jetliners, or camera-toting hoverers called Nano Hummingbirds that weigh 19 grams.

The drone go-ahead, signed in February by President Obama in the F.A.A. reauthorization law, envisions a $5 billion-plus industry of camera drones being used for all sorts of purposes.

These purposes can range anywhere from real estate advertising to crop dusting to environmental monitoring and police work.

Whether it be for military surveillance or for asset-protection at the local grocery store, security drones are an up and coming technology.

Are you ready for a world full of flying, security drones?