Rebel Wilson Claims She Was Sexually Harassed And Threatened By Male Star And Director

The world of Hollywood has become quite abuzz in recent days with the release of sexual harassment stories against some of the biggest actors, directors, and stars in the industry. Rebel Wilson joins a host of women sharing their personal experiences of sexual harassment, as she rants about a male actor and director who allegedly harassed and threatened her.

Multiple men in Hollywood are currently facing sexual harassment allegations, including producer Harvey Weinstein, actor Kevin Spacey, comedian Louis C.K. and Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick. The list of sexual assault stories involving these actors has been making rounds online, encouraging more and more women to speak up about their personal experiences.

Rebel Wilson, who became popular in the movie Pitch Perfect, shared her own stories of sexual assault via a rant on Twitter. Per Radar Online, the 37-year-old actress recounted two instances wherein she experienced being sexually harassed and threatened by people who were in a position of power.

Wilson refused to name the men involved in her allegations but stated that she was once asked by a popular male actor to stick her finger up his butt while the actor's friends were laughing and filming the said incident. Wilson explained that she had to bust out of the room and call her agent and lawyer to protect herself from being put in such a difficult position again.

Pitch Perfect cast at MTV Movie Awards
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As if the said incident was not scary enough, the How To Be Single star said that she was threatened by the actor's representative. However, Wilson refused to give in to the said threats and tried to warn others about the male actor.

Wilson also recounted an earlier experience with a top director in the industry. The Bridesmaids actress shared that she was brought to a hotel room by the unnamed director and she thought that they were there to discuss comedy.

Nothing materialized during the incident, as Wilson explained that the director's wife called and yelled about him sleeping with actresses. Wilson had to bust out of the room to protect herself and said that she was "so naive" to think that the director had no ill intentions.

Wilson also stated that some people might think of her as a "pretty strong and confident person," but like others, she was also susceptible to being sexually assaulted and threatened. The actress said that she was lucky enough to "escape both incidents" and expressed sympathy for other women who were unable to protect themselves from being placed in these kinds of situations.

What do you think of the growing list of sexual assault allegations being released online?

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