Alleged Actual 'Nazi' Sebastian Gorka Hired By Fox News As National Security Strategist

Max Mundan

On Wednesday, Fox News announced that they were hiring former advisor to President Trump, Sebastian Gorka, as an analyst for the network. According to a tweet from Dr. Gorka himself, he would be working for both Fox News and Fox Business and his official title would be National Security Strategist. Gorka, of course, is a close associate of Steve Bannon, and with Bannon formed the core of the nationalist wing of Trump's team of advisors. Both Bannon and Gorka were fired from their White House positions over the summer, with Bannon returning to his job as the head of Breitbart News. In addition to his political and media resume, however, Sebastian Gorka has another claim to fame. He is alleged to be a member of a far-right organization in his native Hungary that, during World War II, was "under the direction of the Nazi Government of Germany."

According to an article in Variety, Gorka announced he was being hired during Sean Hannity's radio show. A spokesman for the network later confirmed that Gorka's statement was true. Gorka is beloved by many on the far-right for his fire and brimstone oratorical style and utter devotion to the agenda of Donald Trump. Even his White House firing hasn't served to dull his fervor for all things Trump.

According to an investigative piece in Forward, Gorka is a long-time member of an an elite group known as the Vitezi Rend, who collaborated with the Nazi regime in World War II by deporting hundreds of thousands of Jews into Nazi hands. Gorka, who is 47 years old and was born after World War II, is said to have joined a more recent version of the group. Members of the organization told Forward that Gorka took a life-long oath of loyalty to the Vitezi Rend.

The Vitezi Rend are listed by the State Department as a group that is "presumed to be inadmissible to this country" under the Immigration and Nationality Act. Gorka has repeatedly declined to comment on these claims or volunteer whether he disclosed his affiliation with the group upon his entry into the United States.

Forward quotes Kornel Pinte, a leader of the Vitezi Rend in Western Hungary, as confirming Gorka's membership in the group.

"Of course he was sworn in. I met with him in Sopron. His father introduced him."

However Sebastian Gorka performs for the network, and even if he is able to outlast his scant seven months of duty in the White House, his hiring seems unlikely to quiet the criticism that is being leveled at Fox News.

[Featured Image by Susan Walsh/AP Images]