Amy, Jacob Roloff Pay Baby Jackson A Visit During Power Outage, Tori Shows Off Love For Mountains

Amy Roloff, her son Jacob, and his girlfriend Isabela Rock all paid Zach, Tori and baby Jackson a visit while power was out in their place. Amy memorialized the fun impromptu get-together with a black and white photo, which she shared on social media.

Jacob made a rare appearance on Amy’s Instagram and Facebook accounts, which didn’t go unnoticed by her fans. Many of her followers expressed their delight to see Jacob enjoying himself with the rest of the family, especially his nephew Jacob. Some also commented on how good-looking the young man is and how much he looks like his father, Matt.

Fans were quick to notice how Amy seemed to have taken the power issue in stride. Some followers admired her for what looked like a make-up free evening and for wearing a gorgeous smile despite the stresses of having power in her home suddenly going out. The same can’t be said about baby Jackson, however, at least not in the said black and white photo.

The 5-month-old Jackson seemed to be in no mood to smile at the camera as he’s crowded by other members of the Roloff family, particularly grandma Amy, uncle Jacob, Izzy, and mom Tori, who’s behind the couch making a funny face.

One of the gracious hosts for the evening has also been busy posting a few photos on her own social media accounts of the family’s recent visit to the zoo and a new project she recently had made.

Tori shared that she absolutely adores mountains and that is quite obvious with the sign she had made. Tori said that the sign, which shows a plane flying over mountains, will be placed in Jackson’s nursery. Tori also said that it was a perfect representation of the Pacific Northwest.

It must be remembered that Tori was mom-shamed after she shared an Instagram Story showing Jackson in his crib, with “mountain pillows” beside him. This got the attention of some of her followers who chastised her for “endangering” Jackson.

What got the goat of these fans were the stuffed pillows, including that of a dog and a couple of mountain ones, beside Jackson. The young star of Little People, Big World was also covered by a blanket.

According to the disgruntled fans, Jackson should be sleeping in a bare crib to prevent SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. While they have a point (the American Academy of Pediatrics advocates this), they could have advised Tori without passing judgment. In response, Tori defended her parenting style and asked everyone, mothers particularly, to be supportive of each other.

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Instagram]