Kevin Schlehuber Hosts Thanksgiving For ‘Big Brother 19’ Houseguests While Giving To Charity

Big Brother 19 was a season to remember. Backstabbing, conversations, and a surprise winner filled the summer. Kevin Schlehuber talked about hosting his houseguests for Thanksgiving dinner, and it looks like that is finally coming to fruition. While it isn’t the traditional way, it is for a good cause. Schlehuber will team up with Ramses Soto, Paul Abrahamian, Jason Dent, and Josh Martinez for a night of charity and dinner. The details were released this week, and already the VIP tickets have sold out.

According to the Rally Up page, Thanksgiving with Kevin Schlehuber on November 19 is going to benefit a local non-profit organization. Keeping Pace with Multiple Miracles is the organization getting the donations. It works with families of multiples and soon-to-be families of multiples. It isn’t clear why Schlehuber chose this organization, but it has gotten a lot of buzz already.

The $119 VIP tickets have sold out. That package included an exclusive cocktail hour with the Big Brother 19 guys an hour before the dinner begins. There was also a guarantee that the purchasers would be seated at a table with one of the Big Brother guys. Ramses Soto, Josh Martinez, Kevin Schlehuber, Jason Dent, and Paul Abrahamian will all be in attendance for the wonderful night. The location is in Massachusetts and those who can’t make it can make a donation to the organization if they choose.


Jason Dent attending an event with Kevin Schlehuber is something many Big Brother 19 fans didn’t see coming while watching the show. There were some pretty harsh comments made about Kevin’s family by Jason, and they riled up fans. This will likely be asked about during the cocktail hour, especially if those in attendance watched the whole season. There are also some men missing, though it has not been addressed whether they were invited or if they declined to do the event.

Kevin Schlehuber talked about Thanksgiving all the time in the Big Brother house, and now, he is putting his money where his mouth is. Doing this as a fundraiser without profit is admirable, especially because other former Big Brother players have charged for events and pocketed the money. There is hope that photos and tweets will be happening as the event goes on. Tickets are selling out fast, and the campaign didn’t specify how many were available.

[Featured Image by Kevin Schlehuber/Twitter]