Travel Channel Show ‘True Alaska’ Follows Ariel Tweto On Her High-Flying Adventures

The remote Alaskan wilderness, also known as America’s last frontier, is still a place of pristine and untouched beauty. Bush pilot Ariel Tweto travels to several destinations on the pilot episode of True Alaska in order to provide viewers a glimpse of larger-than-life characters and showcase some of the more remote regions of the Alaskan bush.

Ariel recently shared a video on her Facebook page that shows her fun-loving, spunky, and vivacious personality.

“This project is a dream for me…I really want it to do well and hopefully I will be able to keep traveling, inspiring, and having fun,” she states in a comment that is posted with her video clip.

In another preview clip from the Travel Channel, Ariel shares that she grew up hearing stories about the people and places her father discovered while flying all across Alaska. Now an experienced bush pilot, she is out to discover exactly what is out there. During the pilot episode titled “Gold Fever, Glacier Caves and Fish Camp,” Ariel takes viewers along as she pans for gold on a mobile mining rig, participates in the annual salmon run, and explores the icy world that exists beneath a glacier.

Ariel is no stranger behind the camera, she and her family appeared for three seasons on Flying Wild Alaska. Fans of the show watched as Ariel first began taking flight training so she could earn her pilot’s license, and on April 13, 2012, she received her private pilot certificate. Her parents, Jim and Ferno Tweto, ran Era Alaska and the family often helped out, including Ariel and her sister, Ayla. All of them, including Ariel’s other sister, Elaine, have their pilot’s license, and it would be safe to say that flying is definitely in their blood.


Hopefully, the pilot will do well, and there will be many more episodes of True Alaska to come. Viewers will quickly come to love Ariel’s exuberance and upbeat, positive attitude as she shares her experiences while traveling across the Alaskan wilderness.

Will you be checking out the show? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. The pilot for True Alaska airs on Wednesday, November 8 at 11 p.m. ET on the Travel Channel.

[Featured Image by Ariel Tweto/Facebook]