'Days Of Our Lives' Rumors: There Are New Relationships On The Horizon, Who Finds Love And Who Ends Up Alone?

Salem residents have experienced several tragedies recently on Days of Our Lives with hard losses that have left the heartbroken lost and alone. Brady and Lucas have both turned to alcohol to alleviate the pain. Eric is nursing his pain in solitude while Sonny and Paul are in limbo as the search for Will continues.

Brady and Eric each have a history with Nicole. When she rekindled her romance with Eric, Brady was devastated, and he blackmailed her to leave town without Eric. With a heart filled with hate and the desire for revenge, he wanted to make sure she was as brokenhearted as he was. Eric was devastated by her decision to end things as she left Salem.

Eve has returned to Salem and is currently in a battle against Brady and Victor. They see her as a threat to the Kiriakis empire, and she is proving that she is a worthy adversary. Eve manages to turn the tables and become the aggressor. Spoilers for Days of Our Lives tell us that the battle will continue back and forth for a while, but eventually, Eve and Brady will find common ground.

Brady and Eve have a connection that may be the one thing that can unite them. Eve is Tate's aunt, and Brady is a very loving father. Could the two eventually put their battles aside and come together for the sake of Tate? Brady needs a new love interest and the recently widowed Eve could be the one to capture his heart.

Lucas has been drowning his sorrows since Bonnie broke things off with him while posing as Adrienne. All hopes of a reconciliation were dashed when the truth came out, and Adrienne returned to Salem. Instead of picking up where they left off, Adrienne returned to the waiting arms of Justin. Now with Chloe Lane in town, Lucas has a shoulder to lean on. His ex-wife wants to help him get over his heartbreak and deal with the emotions of the search for Will. Days of Our Lives spoilers tell us that the two will continue to grow closer and eventually reconcile.

Fans of Days of Our Lives know that Will returns to Salem very soon. The spoilers have yet to give details of the complicated love life between Sonny, Paul, and Will. There is a lot of speculation, however. Some believe that Will and Paul will end up together, leaving a heartbroken Sonny single and alone. As Celeb Dirty Laundry points out, a lot of time has passed since Sonny and Will were together.

There has been a love triangle brewing on the back burner between Claire, Theo, and Tripp. With the introduction of the storyline that will leave Theo paralyzed, he will be leaving Salem for therapy. Throughout the horrible tragedy, Tripp will offer Claire a shoulder. Tripp has admitted he has feelings for Claire but could she develop feelings for him as well?

Days of Our Lives spoilers have confirmed that Nicole and Holly will be back in Salem for the holidays. With the Deimos murderer caught, she will be free of Brady's blackmail plot. There are lots of hopeful fans on social media posting about an Eric and Nicole reunion.

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