Maggie Raworth: Female Reporter Verbally Abused, Fat Shamed On Live TV Stands Ground In Most Zen Way Possible

Maggie Raworth is being hailed as the new voice of strength for women battling sexual harassment around the world. In a video making rounds on the internet, the 9News reporter in Australia flipped the script and took the high road when a stranger verbally abused her on live television while she was merely doing her job. Maggie responded in a manner that’s earning her droves of fans for taking the high road.

Maggie Raworth and a camera crew had set up for a live remote outside of the Ballarat Court. The Australian reporter was on assignment to provide an update on a criminal case involving a pregnant woman who was found guilty of a fatal car crash on New Year’s Eve that left a teen dead.

Raworth was reporting on the woman’s eight-year sentence at the time when a man approached her and began lobbing verbal insults at her career choice and attacking journalists in general for providing fake news stories. Throughout the man’s diatribe, Maggie remained unperturbed by the man’s verbal onslaught.

“F***ing journos. Lowest of the low,” the stranger says to Rawworth and her photographer.

“What’s your problem, sir? What have I personally done to you?” the reporter asks the man. He responded by admonishing her for working as a journalist and choosing to be a “lying piece of sh** for a living.”

The man continues his attack by warning the Aussie journalist that she’ll be unemployed in five years. He then focused his abusive comments on Raworth’s body, saying she is “wrinkled up” and is “already getting fat.”

At one point, Maggie retrieves her mobile phone from her dress pocket. Apparently, growing concerned for her welfare, Raworth points the device at the protesting man, as she explained.

“To be honest, I thought he would hit me so I wanted to capture that.”

The man wasn’t put off by the fact that he was being recorded. Instead, he appeared to embrace having his on-air attack captured on tape. He then retreated, saying, “Make me famous bit**.”


Raworth posted the video on her Facebook account. As of this writing, the footage has 55,000 views.

Although the reporter expressed fear and shock over the man’s harassment, she became angry by how the public misrepresents and misinterprets the work done by members of the press.

“I couldn’t lie in a story. No journalist could get away with lying as our producers wouldn’t let us. Imagine the world without news. We do amazing work every day,” she said.

Maggie said she wasn’t affected by the man’s fat-shaming attack. She attributes her calmness to her inner-strength and body-confidence. You can view the reporter’s encounter in the video below.

The video contains strong language which may be offensive to some.

[Featured Image by Igor0077/Shutterstock]