‘Alaskan Bush People’: Rain Brown Posts Photos Of Even Shorter Haircut, Feels Like ‘True’ Self Amid Depression

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown took to social media recently to share two new photos of an even shorter haircut. Billy and Ami Brown’s 14-year-old daughter, Rain, first debuted much shorter hair back in September. After also recently revealing her personal battle with depression, Rain Brown shared on Tuesday that the shorter her hair gets, the more she feels like her “true” self.

Rain Brown, the youngest member of the nine members of the famous Brown family from Alaska, has been featured on previous episodes of Alaskan Bush People with long hair. However, on Tuesday, Rain shared with her thousands of Instagram followers that she has “always wanted short hair” and was “jealous of people” who had short hair. Rain posted two new photos of “shorter” hair on Tuesday, along with a message to her followers that “it’s never too late to carve your own path.”

According to Rain Brown, she used to be “afraid” to cut her hair short until she realized that she could have short hair, even though “others have already done it.” Rain also revealed to her followers that she feels more like the “true Rainy” after she “chopped it all off,” adding that a “good friend” always told her to do what she wants. Rain Brown even tagged one of Tuesday’s Instagram photos with hashtag #shorthairclub.

The first of two Instagram photos on Tuesday addressed Rain Brown’s shorter haircut, while the second photo touched on having “hope and faith” that “everything will turn out,” possibly referring to mom Ami Brown’s struggle with late-stage lung cancer.

People Magazine shared last month that Rain Brown has been struggling with depression and has even discussed her mental health on her personal Instagram account. Although Rain never revealed why she’s been “struggling with some things,” Alaskan Bush People fans believe she’s been feeling “dark” and “depressed” due to mom Ami Brown’s stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis.

One of Rain Brown’s Instagram followers commented that “changing your hair is a great way to express yourself,” while others told Rain to always do what makes “you happy.” Another commenter shared that “change is good for the soul” and that hair will always grow back. More than once, Rain Brown’s followers have commented that she seems like an “old soul” and that’s she’s “beautiful inside and out” — short hair or long hair.

Overall, Rain’s followers think that short hair “frames” her face well, but one follower suggested that she “let it grow” while she’s filming Alaskan Bush People in Colorado, due to the “cold weather.”

An Instagram post from just over a week ago from Rain Brown showed that she was in Trinidad, Colorado, and reports have surfaced recently that some members of the Brown family are currently filming Season 8 of Alaskan Bush People in Colorado. A recent article published by Monsters & Critics gave a hint about which members of the Brown family might be filming the next new season of the Discovery Channel reality TV series. According to Monsters & Critics, a photo from two weeks ago shows only Gabe, Matt, Rain, Snowbird, and Brown family patriarch Billy Brown on the move to Colorado, despite news from a day ago that shared that Ami Brown is, in fact, present in Colorado for filming, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

[Featured Image by Rain Brown/Instagram]