Google Launches iOS Apps Ad, Showcases Its Mobile Reach

Following the short-term demise of Apple Maps and the emergence of Google Maps for iOS, the team at Google has released an ad spot that showcases the company’s competent team of iOS projects.

In the ad, Google aims its sights at developers, noting that the company wants to find people who can “reshape Google for iOS.”

Many iOS users may not realize that Google has entire teams dedicated to bettering its iOS apps which have grown to include Google Search, YouTube, Chrome, Gmail, and others.

During a Q&A session, Google Search engineer Ken Bongort revealed:

“People think Android is the only mobile platform that we support. But we actually have a ton of in-house iOS teams, building apps for everything from Search to YouTube to Chrome to Maps.”

With Apple still licking its wounds from a disastrous iOS 6 launch, it appears that the team at Google is striking while the iron’s hot. Google Maps and Google’s YouTube apps are already two of the more popular free offerings for the iOS 6 platform.

Here’s a first look at the Google iOS ad:

When Google Maps finally debuted for iOS 6, Apple saw a huge bump in user adoption to the platform, once again highlighting the importance Google plays in the lives of users.