'The Last Kingdom' Season 3: Casting Call Slips Under Radar, Confirms Third Season

Alexandria Ingham

Fans looking for news about the renewal of The Last Kingdom Season 3 have missed an important casting call. Back in September, the BBC and Netflix unofficially confirmed that the third season was going ahead by looking for an actor to play a very specific role in the first two episodes. The casting call even gave dates of filming, helping eagle-eyed fans to work out a release date.

Since the end of The Last Kingdom Season 2, fans have scoured Google for updates. The BBC and Netflix continue to remain quiet on any renewal or cancellation news, which can be seen as a good thing. By not saying anything, there is hope that a new season will air.

Back in September, one fan noticed a casting call that all but confirmed the renewal and shared his findings on YouTube. The casting call requested a disabled actor, either wheelchair-bound, an amputee, or something similar, to play the role of a "Saxon monk who cannot use his legs." The monk will be in the first two episodes of the new season.

This actor didn't need to be London based, as filming for the show takes place in Budapest. However, the actor would need to be available anywhere between Oct. 23, 2017 and mid-May 2018. These filming dates lead to the suggestion that The Last Kingdom Season 3 will air in the fall or winter of 2018. A November date is likely.

[Featured Image by Netflix Media Center]