Scorned Wife’s Fury Diverts Flight — Used Snoozing Hubby’s Thumbprint To Unlock Phone To Find He’s Cheating

A mid-flight emergency erupted when a scorned wife went ballistic on her husband for his cheating ways and the commotion caused the pilot to divert the flight. Just how did this wife find out her husband was cheating while they were 30,000 feet in the air you ask?

She made the discovery while flying with her husband and child on Qatar Airways headed for Bali after taking off from Doha, according to Fox News. What this wife did might be seen as a devious move to some, but she discovered something about her husband that might be considered even more devious on his part.

While her husband was sleeping she managed to wrangle his cell phone away from him, but it was locked. This didn’t detour the determined wife. While her husband snoozed in the seat next to her she managed to manipulate his thumb to the front of the cell phone’s screen and use his fingerprint to unlock his phone.

According to the Times of India, it was her husband’s thumb that the wife managed to manipulate in place to press up against the home button of the phone, allowing her access to his data. This woman passenger reportedly had a few drinks under her belt at the time she broke into her her husbands’ phone and erupted into a fit of rage.

Apparently, his phone offered up some interesting reading material in the form of phone numbers or text messages because the quiet passenger cabin was suddenly filled with the sounds of a ruckus. According to the flight attendants, this irate wife “repeatedly hit her husband following the discovery,” as Fox News reports.

Cell phone with thumb print access

The flight attendants did their best to intervene, but there was nothing they could do to calm down the irate wife who was slamming her now very wide awake husband. According to the Times of India, she was also misbehaving with the flight attendants as things progressed. The pilots of the Qatar flight were left with no options but to land the plane and have the woman removed from the flight.

The pilots diverted the flight to India where the woman was escorted off the plane along with her husband and child. The plane then returned to the air to make its way to their original destination of Bali.

According to Fox, the wife, husband, and their child spent the night at Chennai airport and there was no police action taken.

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