NFL Power Rankings Week 10: Seattle Seahawks Ranked Ahead Of Los Angeles Rams By ESPN Panel Again

The Week 10 NFL power rankings have been revealed by ESPN and they still have the Seattle Seahawks ranked ahead of the Los Angeles Rams. That’s not news that Rams fans want to hear, as the team took back first place in the NFC West this weekend. Eighty people at ESPN come up with these weekly rankings and the site continues to have the Philadelphia Eagles at the top in its latest rankings.

The top five teams are the same this week, with a slight shift following a Kansas City Chiefs loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday (November 5). The new-look ESPN power rankings have the Philadelphia Eagles (7-1), New England Patriots (6-2), Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2), Minnesota Vikings (6-2), and Kansas City Chiefs (5-3) as the top five (in that order). As noted about the Eagles, the team has become the FPI favorite to win the Super Bowl now with a 20.8 percent chance.

The next five teams in the Week 10 NFL power rankings are the Seattle Seahawks (5-3), Los Angeles Rams (6-2), Dallas Cowboys (5-3), New Orleans Saints (6-2), and Jacksonville Jaguars (5-3). It’s noteworthy that the Jaguars are in the top 10 for the first time this season, moving up from a preseason ranking of No. 28. Cowboys fans will likely be very disheartened by the fact that the team dropped a spot, despite beating the Chiefs in Week 9.

The Seahawks vs. Rams debate is going to be an exciting one for fans of the NFC West this season. When the Washington Redskins upset the Seahawks on Sunday, it allowed the Rams to take back first place. The Seahawks still own the head-to-head tiebreaker, though, raising the stakes for the second matchup between the teams later this season. This will be an important game, as the NFC West winner gets a first-round home playoff game. In the Week 10 NFL schedule, the Seahawks play the Arizona Cardinals and the Rams host the Houston Texans.

As for the worst teams in the league, the Week 10 NFL power rankings from ESPN have the Cleveland Browns (0-8) maintaining that bottom spot. The San Francisco 49ers (0-9) stay ahead of them again, even though the team continues to look bad on the field. The New York Giants (1-7) are ranked No. 30 and the Indianapolis Colts (3-6) are ranked No. 29 in this latest poll. Since the Browns and 49ers don’t play each other this season, it’s possible that two teams could finish the year without a single victory.

[Featured Image by Joe Robbins/Getty Images]