‘LPBW’: Amy Roloff Laments About Falling Off ‘Nutrition Exercise Wagon,’ Asks Fans For Weight Loss Tips

Amy Roloff, star of the hit reality show Little People, Big World from TLC, is just like everyone else when it comes to her weight. The 53-year-old grandmother recently took to social media to express her frustration over falling off the “nutrition exercise wagon” and gaining weight.

Roloff said that she’s trying to get back to a healthier lifestyle and that she needs to lose a few pounds. Amy made it her goal to lose weight before she and her friends go on a cruise in April. That means Amy has enough time, around six months, to work on her goal and get to the weight she desires.

Amy is not too worried, though, as she’s confident that she can shed the excess weight in time.

“Amazing how it creeps up on you.”

“So I’m trying to get back on track,” Amy wrote. “I’ve done it [before], I can do it again.”

Amy has been doing some walking to stay true to her goal of losing weight and being healthy. Roloff has enlisted the help of her boyfriend, Chris Marek, to make sure she gets the necessary exercise. Amy said Chris has been going with her on her walks. Marek also provides inspiration as he roots Amy on during their walks.

Aside from going for walks, Amy also keeps herself busy at the farm. She said that she is doing a routine at Roloff Farms that will help her lose weight.


Amy shared a short video of herself during one of her walks through the woods. In the video, Amy is accompanied by her dog Felix, whom she calls her partner-in-crime and her “daily friend.” Roloff said that she’s trying to exercise more consistently and that being at the farm allows her to do so.

Amy also alluded to the rumors that she is no longer residing at Roloff Farms. The reality star spent Halloween away from the farm for the first time and said that she enjoyed the experience. This led many of her followers to question whether Amy no longer lives at Roloff Farms or if she has plans to move out.

“I’m grateful to live in the farm because it’s a great training and workout area,” Amy said in the video.

Amy also asked her followers for some tips on how to lose weight since she’s finding it quite hard to do so. According to the Roloff matriarch, this time of year is the most difficult period for going on a diet. The holiday season is fast approaching and Amy probably already had her share of sweet treats from the recent Halloween celebration.

“The hardest but best time of the year to do it — gives me ‘a little’ restraint from all the holiday goodies,” Amy said. “Love to hear what worked for you.”

One of her fans advised Roloff to go vegan not only to save her health but also the animals and the planet. The fan, who goes by girlofsteele, also told Amy to watch “life changing” documentaries such as Forks Over Knives, Earthlings, Cowspiracy, and What the Health.

Others who chimed in came up with simpler weight loss tips. A few said Amy can start off by doing 10,000 steps each day, switching to seltzer water, staying clear of white foods and sweets, cutting the carbs, and doing regular exercise such as yoga and cardio.

Aside from asking for weight loss tips, Amy also gave some encouragement to her followers who are also having trouble keeping the pounds off.

“I hope your journey is going well,” Amy said.

“Your whole health, nutrition and fitness is a struggle, an everyday thing but if you fall off that wagon, you can always get back on.”

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Instagram]