The Independence Day delivery of the DROID

Market share in the mobile phone market is fought by percentage points and exceptional products. Up until this point there is no denying the fact that Apple's iPhone has been gaining ground percentage point by percentage point. Combined with an exceptional product that has left the other mobile phone providers eating their dust Apple has been a disruptive force in the market place.

Android based phones held out early promise that they would be able to take on the the Big A and take back some of that market. The only problem was that the product didn't live up to the hype and no matter what advertising they tried Apple kept marching forward.

Then came word of Android V2.0 and a whole new phone from Motorola that rumor had it could be the phone that could not neessarily stop Apple in it's tracks it could slow it down. For the most part we have been seeing anything to do with the Droid phone, as Motorola is calling it in the US, has been pretty piecemeal.

The advertising campaign around the phone has been cryptic and offering only the smallest glimpse of what is to come. Now if the company was to win any points for creative advertising the newest offering definitely deserves some major points for attention getting.

Courtesy of the crew over at Boy Genius here is the latest advertising from Motorola and appears to have just hit the web. Enjoy.