‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff Heads To Arizona, Says It’s ‘Getting Harder’ To Leave Grandkids

Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff shared on social media over the weekend that he was headed to Arizona “for a couple of days.” The 56-year-old reality TV star and owner of the famous Roloff Farms in Helvetia, Oregon, has previously spent time in Arizona for some downtime and warm weather, as noted by the Inquisitr. However, this recent trip away from Roloff Farms has proud grandpa Matt Roloff saying it’s “getting harder” to leave his two “precious” grandkids.

Matt Roloff also shared a photo of one of his oldest sons, Zach Roloff, 27, holding the first Roloff grandbaby, 5-month-old Jackson Kyle Roloff, who’s nearing his 6-month birthday in just a few days. Zach and Tori Roloff, 26, welcomed baby Jackson into the growing Roloff family on May 12, and Jeremy, 27, and Audrey Roloff, 26, followed closely behind with the second Roloff grandbaby, Ember Jean Roloff, on September 10. Beloved Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff hasn’t held back on social media regarding how he feels about becoming a grandparent and often shares photos of both of his grandbabies.

However, Matt Roloff’s Facebook post on Sunday was bittersweet, as he shared that he’s leaving Roloff Farms for just a few days, and he had to “say goodbye” to “these guys,” referring to his photo of Zach and baby Jackson. Matt Roloff went on to say that he’s searching for some warmer “sunny weather,” as cooler fall temperatures have hit the northwestern area of the U.S. where Roloff Farms is located. As an avid businessman who runs businesses aside from the family’s famous pumpkin patch, Matt Roloff has visited Arizona this past summer on three “investigative” trips, as well as for taking a summer vacation after daughter Molly’s wedding in August.

This week’s trip to Arizona appears to be just another vacation of sorts for Matt Roloff to enjoy the warm temperatures, but Matt told his Facebook followers on Sunday that he “can’t stand to miss even a minute” with his two “precious” grandkids. Matt’s post received a lot of reaction from his followers, who also more than likely follow him via the popular and long-running TLC reality TV series, Little People, Big World. Over 53,000 of Matt’s nearly 700,000 Facebook followers gave the post likes, loves, and laughs, with several followers leaving comments about how “beautiful” and “handsome” baby Jackson is.

Other comments from Matt’s followers who live in Arizona “welcome” Matt Roloff, saying that the warm weather “is good for the bones” and that he should use the time away from Roloff Farms to get some “rest” and “relaxation,” especially after wrapping up a busy 2017 pumpkin season just a week ago. One of Matt’s followers even suggested video chatting with his kids and grandkids while he’s away from the farm so he can say “goodnight to the kiddos.” Overall, Matt’s followers say that he’s a “wonderful grandpa,” but he should “go and enjoy” his mini-vacation in Arizona.

One commenter wrote, “You deserve it after all those long hours spent in your wonderful pumpkin patch.”

The same photo that Matt Roloff shared of Zach and baby Jackson was also posted on a Little People, Big World Instagram fan page that was created for fans of Zach and Tori Roloff. A comment by one of the @zachntorifans members said that baby Jackson “looks like” Matt in the photo, while others comment that “he’s getting big.” Another comment asks when the Roloff family’s TV show, Little People, Big World, will be back on TLC since the last season’s finale episode aired over four months ago. The Inquisitr previously shared that Roloff family matriarch Amy Roloff, 53, hinted that the next new season of Little People, Big World is set to air in the spring of 2018, “if not earlier.”

Amy Roloff also shared less than a week ago on her business Facebook account that the Roloff family is “still currently filming.”

[Featured Image by Matt Roloff/Facebook]