‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Can A Desperate Susan Convince Will To Go On The Run With Her?

Susan Banks has woven a web of deceit that she is desperate to hang on to on Days of Our Lives. Having teamed up with Dr. Rolf, Will was resurrected as part of her twisted plan. Could the two have run other experiments on Will to control his memories?

When Susan was confronted by Sami, John, and Marlena in the home of the Elvis impersonator, she wove quite a tale. Susan claimed that she had asked Dr. Rolf to bring Will back from the dead so she could kill him herself. Sami’s mother-in-law wanted to take her son from her, as she blames Sami for taking EJ away from her. As strange as the story sounds, the Salemites are left with nowhere else to turn for answers in Memphis. Paul will hold the secret that he has seen Will for a little longer.

Paul is a great guy with a conscious. He will spill his secret to a devastated Sonny, giving Sonny and Sami a chance to find Will and bring him home. Spoilers for Days of Our Lives reveal that when the two return to Memphis, Will manages to give them the slip, but it won’t take long to find him. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Rafe will have a lot of questions for Susan once Sami and Sonny have Will.

Dr. Rolf and Susan could have done any number of procedures on Will to alter his memories. Susan has created a life with Will that she isn’t ready to let go of. No matter how intense Rafe’s questions get, Susan’s goal is to hang onto that life and not lose Will to Sami.


Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Susan will have a meeting with Will in Memphis, as Sami and Sonny are preparing to take him back to Salem. She will beg Will to go on the run with her, continuing the life she has created. Will, with no memories of his life before, finds himself in a tough situation. Should he stay with Susan or go with those who have come for him? Spoilers tell us he will end up in Salem with those who love him.

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