Texas Hospital Delivers 10,000 Babies In One Year, Tracked Births With Real-Time Public Updates

The Woman’s Hospital of Texas had a banner year in 2012, delivering more than 10,000 babies for the first time in a single year. According to hospital officials, Becky and Chris Kiser welcomed their daughter Moriah into the world at 1:08 am on Friday, December 28.

Speaking of the milestone setting birth, Becky Kiser said:

“We have been tracking the birth of the 10,000th baby for a couple of months and can’t believe it’s our baby. We love The Woman’s Hospital of Texas.”

The baby was delivered by Dr. Mark Cone , a physician with a long-standing history with the Woman’s Hospital of Texas.

According to hospital officials, the facility delivers the most babies in Houston and the second most in Texas each year.

Following the birth of little baby Kiser, the family was presented with a commemorative bassinette along with other gifts.

To celebrate the birth of the 10,000th child of the year, the hospital is holding a Babies Are Beautiful contest on its website.

The hospital prepared for the birth of its 10,000 yearly child in digital fashion. For example, real-time delivery information was posted on digital screens throughout the hospitals West and East Tower Entrances and throughout other areas of the hospital.

The Woman’s Hospital of Texas has been delivering children for more than 35 years.