Top 10 Places Americans Want To Travel In 2013

Need to get away? If you think like a majority of Americans, you are likely want to travel to Italy, Australia, or perhaps New Zealand. Those countries were recently chosen in a survey as the top destinations for 2013 travel.

The easy-to-use search engine engaged with Americans and asked about their New Year Travel Resolutions.

Italy tops most Americans’ wish lists, which was followed by Australia. The top five was then rounded out by New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and France (which tied with the UK).

US citizens chose America’s top travel destinations for sixth place and then rounded out the top 10 with Ireland, Spain, Fiji, and South Africa.

In terms of general regions, Europe and Oceania were chosen by nearly 60 percent of respondents.

American’ wishing to travel to Asia for the most part chose India, while travel to Japan, Thailand, China, and Vietnam helped make Asia the third most desired region to visit.

In terms of regional ranking, travel in our own back yard was fourth.

According to Warren Chang, vice president and general manager,

“It is no surprise that Italy is at the top of America’s wish list for 2013. The destination conjures up images of romance, history and some of the finest food and wine in the world. However, as with any worthy new year’s resolution, we recommend acting on the intention right away. Booking flights well in advance can help travelers save a fortune. Being flexible is also key. For example, a tool like’s Fare Calendars can help travelers save hundreds of dollars from one day to the next by providing visibility on when it is cheapest to fly.”

Where do you want to travel in 2013?

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