Is Chris Ault headed to the NFL?

After 28 years as the head coach of Nevada’s college football program and a 40 year history with Nevada, Chris Ault has stepped down with a heavy heart.

After announcing he was leaving speculation began that he might make the leap from college to the NFL.

Fuel to the speculation fire was added when he told the Reno Gazette-Journal:

“I have a lot left in me. I’m in my offensive prime. I feel good about where I’m at. My energy level is still very high. Whether I coach again, I don’t know.”

During his tenure at Nevada the Hall of Fame college coach had a 233-109-1 overall record, won 10 conference championships and lead the wolf pack to the post-season 16 times.

In 2005 Ault created the “pistol” offense where the quarterback sets up in a short shotgun with running backs on either side. The quarterback then has the option based on the what he reads from the defense to keep the ball or hand it off.

The “pistol” offense was quickly adopted nation wide and is now run in the NFL by various teams including the Washington Redskins.

Now Dan Hanzus of reports Ault could be a match for the San Francisco 49ers:

“Ault — the creator of the read-option “Pistol” offense — must look at an NFL landscape and see a place where he could fit in. Colin Kaepernick set records under Ault at Nevada, and the San Francisco 49ers have wisely worked elements of the pistol into their game plan. Other teams have embraced the pistol as well, making Ault a potentially attractive candidate.”

The 49ers current offensive coordinator, Greg Roman, could be looked at for head coaching jobs after two successful years working with Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick, potentially leaving the job open for Ault.

Here’s a picture of Chris Ault next to Colin Kaepernick at Nevada where the duo set multiple college football records:

Colin Kaepernick and Chris Ault
Chris Ault and Colin Kaepernick

Do you think Chris Ault would be a successful college coach after 28 years coaching Nevada?