Missing Georgia Boys Found In Texas, Father Arrested

Two missing Georgia boys were recovered safely by police in Texas on Saturday. The young brothers, missing since December 26, were found with their father, according to authorities. The man has since been taken into police custody and charges are pending.

The young children have been identified as 9-year-old Ben Cleary and his brother 7-year-old Henry Cleary. The children were the subject of December 27 Amber Alert when authorities learned the father was in violation of court orders by failing to notify the mother of their location for a number of days.

CBS News reports that Texas police found the boys’ with their father, 46-year-old Daniel Cleary, on Saturday evening. The children had originally been visiting their father in Roswell, Georgia when they failed to return home on December 26.

Theresa Nash, the boys’ mother, spoke to them over the telephone the night before they were scheduled to return to her. The brothers called her from a hotel in Tennessee where they were staying the night during a trip taken with their father. The next day passed with no further contact from the boys.

An article by The Associated Press writes that the Amber Alert led to a call from a concerned citizen who recognized the brothers. Police followed the tip to a hotel in Austin, Texas and successfully recovered the children from their father.

Roswell Police Lieutenant James H. McGee said arrangements are being made for Daniel Cleary’s extradition to Georgia. McGee faces charges felony charges of interstate interference with custody.

The missing Georgia boys spoke to their mother from Texas after being found and will soon be returned to her care.