‘Overwatch’ Public Test Realm Live With New Moira Hero, Resurrection Cast Time, And An Ana Buff

Another member of Talon is coming to Overwatch as a playable hero. The first-person shooter will soon welcome Moira O’Deorain, a scientist that functions as a support hero in the game. Moira can both damage enemies and aid allies on the battlefield with most of her abilities. The new support hero and changes to existing support characters are the focus of the latest public test realm update for Overwatch.

Although there is no tentative release date for Moira, PC players can test the new character now on the public test realm. Overwatch owners on PC can access the public test realm and use a snapshot of their account in order to test the new content. Testers will be able to try Moira including her Biotic Grasp, Biotic Orb, Fade, and Coalescence abilities according to the game’s website.

The basic Biotic Grasp is Moira’s primary fire ability allowing her to heal allies in a cone in front of her. As Moira heals an ally, the energy of Biotic Grasp will drain but recover over time. The alternate fire will take health from an attached enemy and recharges the friendly element of Biotic Grasp allowing Moira to heal allies faster. Her ultimate ability, Coalescence, allows Moira to hurt foes and heal allies as she channels it.

Moira will come to Overwatch after her time on the PTR
Moira can damage foes to recharge her primary heal faster. [Image by Blizzard Entertainment]

A few changes to Ana and Mercy are also part of the latest public test realm session. Overwatch players will notice a slight increase to Ana’s damage. Each shot of her Biotic Rifle now deals 70 damage instead of 60 damage. The minor increase in damage will help Ana defend herself better especially when cornered.

Mercy is also seeing a few alterations after her major rework. As the Inquisitr reported, Mercy underwent a major redesign in September. Her old ultimate ability, Resurrection, is now just a standard ability with a normal cooldown. Her new ultimate ability, Valkyrie, improves Mercy’s combat abilities and allows her to fly. On the public test realm now, Mercy’s Resurrection ability is no longer instantly cast when she uses the ability. Instead, the ability takes nearly two seconds to engage.

Mercy is also slower while she is resurrecting someone and she can be interrupted by stuns, knock backs, and hacking. When the hero activates her Valkyrie ultimate, Resurrection does not have a cast time and she will not be slowed when using it.

The latest Overwatch patch also includes a few fixes to voice lines, AI bot performance, and other heroes. There is no release date for Moira or the new Overwatch changes at this time.

[Featured Image by Blizzard Entertainment]