Accused Drunk Driver Drives Through Scene Of Fatal Accident, Objects To Arrest Due To DUI Hearing Next Morning

An accused drunk driver plowed through the investigation of an unrelated fatal accident in Oklahoma, police say, claiming she was following the non-existent vehicle ahead of her and disrupting the scene of the earlier crash.

According to local news sources, Thomasine Harjo, 25, failed to spot yellow crime scene tape marking off the area of an active and ongoing investigation, nearly running down a working officer at the Oklahoma City accident’s location.

NewsOn6 reports that Harjo allegedly drove past cruisers and endangered several people before coming to a stop — the Oklahoma City news source says:

“Patrol cars, with their emergency lights flashing, had blocked off eastbound S.W. 59th Street. An officer suddenly heard several people yelling, and turned around to see a white car driving past the patrol cars and crime-scene tape … Several officers tried to get the driver to stop, but the woman behind the wheel did not acknowledge them. According to the police report, one officer was nearly hit by the car but jumped out of the way just in time.”

When Harjo exited the vehicle, police say that the smell of alcohol was detectable on her breath — but that the apparently oblivious driver denied drinking prior to the incident.

And as officers attempted to place the suspect under arrest for DUI, Harjo allegedly objected — because going to jail would interfere with a scheduled court appearance she had the following morning … for a DUI.

DUI crime scene accident

Ultimately, Harjo was booked into the local jail on charges of DUI, driving without a state driver’s license, and obstruction.

It is not currently clear whether she was available to attend her previously scheduled DUI hearing.