North Korea Mocks ‘Lunatic Old Man’ Trump As POTUS Heads To South Korea

As Donald Trump heads to South Korea as part of his current Asian tour, he continues to face mockery and taunting from the North Korean regime. In a statement released Monday by the secretive nation’s state-run Korean Central News Agency, Trump was referred to as a “lunatic old man” as the vague and incendiary wording left the door open to a possible imminent nuclear or missile test on the Korean Peninsula.

In the statement, reports Fox News, North Korea blamed Trump and his rhetoric for the potential of nuclear war breaking out between the DPRK and the United States It also warned U.S. citizens that the North Korean regime has no intentions of making any changes to its weapons and/or defense programs in the wake of Trump’s visit to the area.

“No one can predict when the lunatic old man of the White House, lost to senses, will start a nuclear war against [North Korea]. The U.S. should not expect us to make any change.”

In addition to slamming Trump, his age, and mental stability, the North Korean statement praised the nation’s leader Kim Jong Un, calling the dictator an “outstanding leader” who has protected North Korea from becoming a victim of invasion “by the barbarous U.S. imperialists.”


North Korea’s latest anti-Trump rhetoric comes just days after the Pentagon released an alarming assessment regarding what may be necessary to completely destroy the North Korean nuclear weapon program. As BBC reports, in the midst of an escalating war of words between Trump and the North Korean regime, the Pentagon has determined that a ground invasion of the hermit-like nation may be the only way for the United States and its allies to curb the rogue nation’s nuclear expansion. The opinion, expressed by Rear Admiral Michael Dumont on behalf of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in a letter to Congressman Ted Lieu, also painted a grim picture of potential casualties if such a military option was ever exercised.


In response, Congressman Lieu released a joint statement calling out Donald Trump and his habit of threatening North Korea with violence. Both the assessment and joint statement came just as the POTUS was embarking on his current five-nation tour of Asia.

“The President needs to stop making provocative statements that hinder diplomatic options and put American troops further at risk.”

Currently, Trump is spending his second day with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe before continuing on his way to South Korea. While in Japan, Trump appeared to disregard advice steering him toward diplomacy and rather declared North Korea a “threat to the civilized world” while appearing to insist that Japan will get an arms boost from the United States. Trump also used his time in the spotlight at a Japanese press conference to defend his war of words with Kim Jong Un, who he’s referred to as the “Rocket Man.”


“Some people say my rhetoric is very strong but look what has happened with very weak rhetoric in the last twenty-five years.”

Amid the latest escalation of tensions between so-called “lunatic old man” Trump and “Rocket Man” Kim Jong Un are some very real concerns that North Korea could engage in its first nuclear and/or missile test(s) since September while the POTUS is in the region. According to a South Korean spy agency, the end of last week featured “active movement” at a missile research facility in Pyongyang, which could indicate plans for an imminent weapons test.

[Featured Image by Shizuo Kambayashi/AP Images]