Universal Orlando Is Building Two New Hotels That Will Start At Less Than $100 Per Night

Universal Orlando just recently announced the purchase of 101 acres of land to continue their massive theme park expansion, but it seems as if their entire resort is growing. On Monday morning, the bombshell was dropped that two brand new hotels are being built where the old Wet ‘n Wild Orlando theme park used to be. Making matters even better for guests looking to visit is that the hotels are expected to start at less than $100 per night.

Early on Monday, the Universal Orlando Blog officially announced the two new hotels would be built at the Universal Orlando Resort, and the room price tag would be quite low. While rates will vary, it has been confirmed that the nightly cost of a room will indeed begin at less than $100.

Making matters even better is that the low rates won’t take away any of the added benefits of staying on Universal Orlando property. Guests of the new hotels will enjoy Early Park Admission to all three of the Universal Studios theme parks as well as resort-wide charging and complimentary transportation.

While Universal Orlando has not yet revealed the names of the new hotels, they have given a number of details on their “twins.”

The new hotels will be located at the intersection of Universal Blvd and International Drive which has them only minutes away from the theme parks and CityWalk. Both will have a “laid-back coastal feel” with a “beachy tone” that will allow guests to enjoy a nice sun and surf type of vacation stay.

Coming with the two new hotels will also be:

  • Three pools
  • Two food courts
  • Poolside bars
  • Coffee bars
  • Fitness centers

No matter what details or other amenities may be revealed about these two new hotels in the near future, many are only focused on one thing – rates starting at less than $100 per night. That is huge as it is difficult to find a hotel room anywhere for that price in 2017, but soon, you’ll be able to find one within minutes of Universal Studios.

You can bet these rooms will go fast, though, as Universal Orlando has stated that booking of the new hotels will begin in “early 2018.” According to Orlando Informer, one hotel will house 2,050 rooms while the other will have 750 for a grand total of 2,800 new rooms for guests to book.

The two new hotels are expected to open in the summer of 2019.

Universal Orlando is really bringing the heat to its Central Florida theme park competitors as Walt Disney World continues new project after new project. While the competition is serious and may seem quite excessive at times, this is only good news for the guests and tourists of both locations. Two brand new hotels starting at less than $100 a night and within a short distance of Universal Studios theme parks is only going to make things better.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]