Andrew Dice Clay Gives ‘No Apologies’ For New Years Eve

Two decades ago Andrew Dice Clay was one of the most popular and controversial stand-up comedians around. After taking a break to raise his two sons Clay is ready to make a comeback with a new stand-up special on Showtime this New Years Eve. The special is appropriately titled, “No Apologies.”

At the peak of his stardom Andrew Dice Clay famously sold out Madison Square Garden in New York for two consecutive nights in 1990.

After acting in a few movies Clay went through a tough divorce and in 1992 made the very grown up decision to take a break from comedy and raise his two sons.

With his second son now 18 years old Clay is attempting his comeback. He started by appearing on The Celebrity Apprentice in 2009 and now is going back to what made him famous with a Showtime special.

Recently CNN was invited to hang out with Andrew Dice Clay where he opened up about his decision to come back:

“I want to be able to make people laugh as hard as they possibly can, and I really think they need that. So people can just have a couple of drinks and just laugh until it hurts.”

During the informal interview he also discusses his controversial comedy:

“I make no apologies for anything I did on that special, or any joke I tell because that’s the thing about jokes. That’s all it’s meant to be taken as. Whether they’re clean, dirty, it’s just humor. You know, it’s just jokes. This society today, the politically correct, I think people are just sick of it. Some of these comics are on like CBS or ABC, so, you know, it’s the powers-that-be that turn around and go ‘You’ve got to apologize for what you said. And that’s just wrong because, you know, comedy is like the last art form where you can get up there and just do whatever you want. You know, like they say, you are the producer, director, writer, star. And if they take that away, you know, that’s what America is, that’s what we were built on, freedom.”

Here’s a clip of Andrew Dice Clay performing in the 1980’s:

So far the 55 year old comedian’s comeback has been a success. After a five episode guest stint on EntourageWoody Allen cast him as one of the lead in his next film.

What do you think, are you excited to see Andrew Dice Clay come back?