Chrissy Teigen, John Legend Still Trying For Baby No. 2 Using IVF

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are both excited to expand their little family soon. With their first child, Luna, already a year old, Chrissy revealed that they already talked about giving her a younger sibling. The truth is, if it were up to her, she shared that she wanted to be pregnant all the time.

In an interview with E! News during the first-ever Revolve Awards, where she took home the "Woman of the Year" title, Chrissy Teigen shared that she and John Legend want to have baby no. 2 in "the next few years."

"We're still trying… I'm going for, I mean hopefully in the next few years, because for me I really want to just knock 'em out," she shared.

The model and cookbook author jokingly added that if it were up to her, she wanted to be pregnant all the time.

"Not for the rest of my life, but the rest of my fertile life. So we'll see," she added.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have both been very open about their struggles to conceive. The couple had to undergo in vitro fertilization to conceive their first child, Luna. Some even criticized the couple when it was revealed that they were given the option to choose between having a boy or a girl. According to People, Chrissy and John have one final frozen embryo left, which she reportedly plans on having implanted by this year.

While infertility may cause some couples to drift apart, the struggle seemed to bring Chrissy and John even closer together. In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, John explained that because of what they have been through, they were able to develop a much stronger bond as a couple.

The R&B singer, however, admitted that there will always be rough days.

"I think it's especially difficult when you can't conceive naturally. You want to feel like everything's working properly and want everything to be perfect, but sometimes it's not. I wouldn't say we can't conceive naturally, but I would say that it's enough of a challenge where it felt like we needed help," he said.

Despite all the challenges with IVF, just like Chrissy, John is also very open to the idea of having another child through IVF. Although they weren't able to conceive naturally, John feels grateful that they are given the opportunity to expand their family in other ways.

"[IVF] brought us Luna and hopefully it will bring us a few more awesome kids too," he said.

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