Movies 2017: Review Of Thriller ‘Claire In Motion’—Betsy Brandt Gives A Gripping Performance

Currently available On Demand, Showtime, and on VOD is one of the most compelling movies of 2017, Claire in Motion. If you’re looking for new movies of 2017, and you enjoy soul-searching stories, then Claire in Motion is a must watch. This is the second feature-length film written and directed by Annie J. Howell (Moving Parts) and Lisa Robinson (Breaker), and it’s just as compelling as the talented duo’s first movie, Small, Beautifully Moving Parts.

Betsy Brandt (Breaking Bad, Magic Mike) portrays Claire, a math professor. Claire’s husband and fellow professor, Paul (Chris Beetem from Emelie), mysteriously vanishes. Paul was an ornithologist and survivalist who enjoyed hiking, and after searching for his body in the woods and in caves for three weeks, the police call off the investigation. Their son, Connor (Zev Haworth from Joy Ride), begins the grieving process. But unconvinced that he is dead, and refusing to give up, Claire continues the search for her missing husband.

Soon, Paul’s mysterious past begins to reveal itself, including a close bond he had with an appealing graduate student (Allison portrayed by Anna Margaret Hollyman from Small, Beautifully Moving Parts). As Claire digs deeper into her husband’s past, she not only questions how well she knew and understood her husband and their marriage, she begins to question her own identity.

Movies 2017 include Claire in Motion

Though the entire cast gives solid performances, Claire in Motion serves as a platform for Betsy Brandt to showcase her ability as an actress—and showcase it she did! Betsy portrays Claire and her complicated emotions through brilliant nuances. As the story builds, Claire begins to unravel, but she never snaps. Her journey feels very real, and anyone who has dealt with a similar tragedy will surely relate.

There are elements of the thriller genre in this film, but the drama certainly outweighs it. This is a film about our intrinsic need for closure, and the lengths we’ll go through to get it. With stunning visuals, a solid story, and an Oscar-worthy performance from Betsy Brandt, Claire in Motion is one of the most gripping movies of 2017.

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